Frequently Asked Questions

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What is nTrust?

nTrust is a mobile application that connects users, allowing them to either lend out to or rent items from others in their local area.

What can I do on nTrust?

  1. Make money lending out something you own, and aren’t using at the moment, for someone nearby to rent.
  2. Save money renting something from another user nearby, instead of buying the whole thing yourself.

How old must I be to use nTrust?

You must be 18 years of age or older to use nTrust.


Why should I use nTrust to manage the entire transaction?

We utilize Stripe to process all payments, so your personal information is protected throughout each and every transaction. This ensures we provide a safe and convenient method of paying and getting paid right within our application.

For more on Stripe visit their website:

How do I get paid for the things I share?

Before you can list your item you must enter your “Payout Method”. You can get paid through your Stripe account as a Direct Deposit to your Bank Account, or through your US Debit Card (Visa & MasterCard). Funds begins transferring to you as soon as the borrower returns your item, and the entire rental process has completed. It can take 1-3 business days for the funds to appear in your account.  We’re working on speeding this process up for faster funds access.

Where is nTrust currently available?

nTrust is currently available to users in the following South Florida counties. Broward County, Collier County, and Miami-Dade County.

When will nTrust be available in additional locales?

While we are currently only available in three South Florida counties, we will be expanding to additional area within the State of Florida in the very near future.

What if I feel uncomfortable while using nTrust?

Your safety and well-being is our first concern. We’ve created this platform to make the rental process not only simpler, but more importantly, much safer. If at any time you feel uncomfortable about the borrower/lender you are messaging, the meet up location suggested, or any other part of the process, do not proceed with the transaction.

Let us know immediately, any issues you experience.

What items can be listed on nTrust?

Put simply; only the items nTrust chooses to make available. When you go to list an item, you will see each one that is currently available. But don’t worry, as our service expands the number of items we offer will expand as well.

Page Last Updated: October 11, 2018

Still Stuck?

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