Select an item to lend out or rent. Speak with the borrower or the lender you’re matched with. Meet-up and hand-off.


Find exactly what you need in seconds, and get it in minutes, from another nTrust user right around the corner.


Save money renting items, instead of purchasing or help out your neighbor, and make money lending your items.

Mobile renting marketplace that connects and matches lenders and borrowers. nTrust empowers entrepreneurs and individuals seeking passive income through the things they own. Lenders can share with confidence knowing their items are fully insured. Here are the simple steps to using the app:

Step One

Open the App

The borrower clicks on their desired item and then enters their location, dates, and preferred pick-up window. Then taps “See Matches”.

Step Two

Get Matched

The nTrust algorithm works very hard to match the best lenders with borrowers. A few determining factors include distance, ratings, times, etc. Once matched, the borrower can approve or pass to the next person.

Step Three

The Pickup

Once matched, you can communicate with the lender in the “nBox” where the two of you will arrange for the time and location for the item exchange. Once these are determined, the app will automatically create what’s called a “geo-fence” at the location, which is a virtual radius that is viewable in the in-app map.

Step Four

The Exchange

Once a user enters the geo-fence radius, nTrust and the other person they’re meeting will receive a notification sharing their arrival details. The borrower must take pictures of the item within the geo-fence to confirm the item inspection. After the exchange takes place, the borrower can leave and enjoy the item.

Step Five

The Return

Both users will arrange for the return location and time. Once determined, the same exchange process takes place. However, this time, the lending party will take pictures of the item to confirm it is in the same condition as it was when sharing it to the borrower.

Step Six

Leave A Review

Users are encouraged to give each other a rating between 1 to 5 stars. This allows all future users to make better decisions when it’s their time to rent an item.