nTrust’s story begins with Colby Tucker and Dallas Basha, who met each other on their first day at a wealth management college internship. They immediately hit it off, bonding over their love for the music industry, along with their strong desire to help individuals reach their personal and financial goals. But as time went on, they discovered something else; something that equally frustrated them. While discussing the needs of their community, they both became concerned with the fact that effectively making money, as well as saving money, could at times be a struggle for many households.

With the desire to do all they could to help alleviate this burden, the gears started turning, and our nTrust concept was born. Both came to discover that a sharing network embedded within the fabric of a community could help fill the gap, giving everyone it served the opportunity to make and save money in an all-new approach. The financial impact would undoubtedly be significant, and the thought of that in itself was very exciting. But when they fully realized how this new method of sharing could bring an entire community closer together, positively affecting those it served, they knew they weren’t just launching another service, but they were creating a movement. Put simply, nTrust is a community-based sharing network, but it is powered by the people we serve, not just the products we share.

At the end of the day, from a very young age, we have always been taught to share. At some point along the way though, it seems we have the tendency to lose sight of that. Today, with nTrust, we are giving you the ability to share in a brand-new way. Certainly, it is natural to share, but now, to be rewarded for it, that’s something special, something you can trust.


 — Your Friends at nTrust






Our Mission & Motive

To provide Americans and eventually the globe the tools to think differently, by discovering the impact of their purchasing power, proving sharing is a win-win-win.


Colby Tucker

Chief Executive Officer

Dallas Basha


Alex Ihrig

Chief Product Officer